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Love like thunder

Real Time


I’ve never been much of a storm chaser. Truth be told I used to be terrified of them, all that chaos and turmoil. Like the majority of the world, when a real downpour ensues I try everything within my power to avoid getting wet. However, there are times where I simply accept the inevitability of getting soaked and relish the droplets of water as they splash in waves across my skin.

The very clap of thunder that used to terrify me now hits me like a jolt to my system. It energizes my soul, and my body responds almost desperately for the next shock of lightning to dance in time with my heartbeat.

Love is a lot like a thunderstorm, and I had the pleasure of meeting a hurricane. The me I was over the last year remained terrified of storms. I was the lover, afraid of the downpour of emotions this hurricane could mean, the thundering shock of falling for someone new, and the jolt of lightning that could bring me pure unfettered joy, I just had to let go of my fears.

I had a choice when I was confronted with this amazing storm. I could choose to stay dry, and be miserable always wondering how the rain would dance across my skin, or I could accept the downpour with gratitude. You see there is a turning point when we run into a storm, it is a point in which you realize you will not stay dry. You’ll be soaked to your very core, clothes will cling to you and your drenched hair will stick to your face and neck.  There you’ll stand, on the edge of safety and staying dry, or the inescapable reality of getting wet. And so you commit, you understand and accept the reality of being wet and you step out into the storm or in this case into love.

Into the downpour I stepped, and nothing has ever been more electrifying than standing within this storm. I met the rain with assurance, my shoulders back, my head up, and it changed everything. I chose the unmatchable pleasure of becoming liquid with the rain. I ran straight into the torrents of water crashing down, head tilted back, arms stretched open so that my heart and mouth could catch as much of the rain as was possible.

When the fear of too much love began to strike within me, like lightning radiantly igniting the horizon, I felt my mind try to pull me back to a covered safety. Instead, my heart begged for me to swallow my fear of too much love, of feeling more than I should, and so I did… I swallowed back my fears and let the lightning illuminate my soul. I danced in the rain, became liquid as it wrapped and seeped into the very bones of who I am. The thunder shook through my core and I fell in love. I fell for the way she smiled into the darkness I held within me, for the way her fingers left lightning bolts across my skin, I fell for the way her words echoed through my mind, and thundered within my chest. She was and always will be to me, the perfect storm. The perfect combination of stubbornness and sass. A sense of humor that left me smiling when I thought only tears would fall. She looked into my darkest corners and threw lightning bolts to light my way out.

My heart beat, in an unmatched excitement every time I had the pleasure of seeing the storm approach. Like all storms, the lightning fades across the horizon, the thunder can no longer be heard… The sun stretches itself into the sky and a rainbow paints itself across what’s left of the rain. She was my perfect storm.

Here I sit, soaked to my soul… Happy that I chose to dance in her rain and feel her lightning course its way through my veins. I fell in love with her storm, and though I wish I could have danced beneath her lightning fingertips forever, the horizon called for new adventures, new dancers to be found.
And so I’ll watch peacefully as she lights across the horizon, a beautiful rainbow across her back. I’ll be grateful beyond measure that I felt her rain, that her lips chose to rest against mine even if only for a jolt of electric joy, and that my heart-felt her thunder, as it shook my fears of love away. My heart still skips in elation every time my eyes see her lightning across the night sky, and my body still craves her storm.

Storms are wild and unpredictable we never really know how long one will last… All anyone can do is prepare themselves to dance in the rain, and enjoy every single second of it.

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